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Integrated Bioanalysis is a premier preclinical bioanalytical contract research laboratory (CRO) with over 45 years of industry-leading scientific expertise. We specialize in comprehensive PK/TK, ADA, NAb, biomarker assay development and sample analysis for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We partner with our sponsors to help improve the lives of others though collaborative efforts of scientific knowledge, capacity and regulatory expertise. 


We understand the challenges faced when turning a novel compound into a potential drug or when creating a medical device or diagnostic test. With our experience, expertise, technical knowledge we have the ability to make any project succeed.


Integrated Bioanalysis will be involved with you throughout your project. Whether it’s just having a simple conversation or planning a large clinical trial, we will be there ever step of the way.

We will identify challenges ahead of time, to do things right the first-time-around so sponsors do not have any down time and are not out any money.

Drug development is not amenable to a one-size-fits-all approach. Together with our sponsors, we tailor our services to meet our sponsors' needs and timelines.


Quality services at a cost competitive price, lead by industry leading scientists,  is key to what we do.