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Integrated Bioanalysis has extensive experience and expertise in chemistry, biology, pharmacology,  and formulation development. 


From permeability, drug absorption, and transport to drug metabolism our services fully support your comprehensive ADME/Tox testing needs.


 For more than 20 years, we have been successfully developing and conducting in vitro drug-drug interaction studies, contributing to hundreds of pharmaceutical discovery and development programs for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

All services are conducted our ISO 9001-certified laboratory. You can depend on our team for accurate, reproducible data and regulatory submission-ready reports.



Integrated Bioanalysis provides high throughput in vitro screening of hepatocyte and microsomal models, plasma stability, protein binding, metabolism and transporter interactions. 


Whether modifying our standard protocols or adapting the protocols of our clients, we have the expertise needed to offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


Protein characterization via LC-MS/MS and particle size analysis


Targeted Protein Quantitation


SMART™ Digest Peptide Mapping


Conformational analysis via FT-IR


PK/PD studies


PK screening


Structure optimization

Integrated Bioanalysis can advise you during any step of your drug development process ranging from conception to submission. As a premier bioanalytical CRO, we support all stages of preclinical development.

Our skilled Study Directors are experts in the areas of drug absorption, transporters, metabolism, induction, toxicity, and industry/regulatory guidance. We'll work with you to facilitate informed decisions.


Investigative study design and oversight


Discovery and lead candidate selection


Assay design and preclinical animal model selection


Data analysis/interpretation and scientific writing.

Study designs are developed to be aligned with current regulatory  guidance. You can be assured you’ll have the right data for submission to the FDA, EMA, and MHLW-PWDA.